Driver’s license loan for apprentices.

Many trainees also want to hold their driving license as fast as possible in their hands. Mobility license is the alpha and omega in our society. Young people are looking forward to the day when they finally start driving. To finance your driver’s license or your first own car as a trainee, several factors must be considered. A driver’s license financing can be taken over by the trainees through their driving school, most driving schools provide appropriate loan offers.

Driving License Financing Trainee

Driving License Financing Trainee

Thousand USD costs. How can I finance my driving license as an apprentice? The low training allowance is just enough for housing, living standards and clothing, so that at the end of the month not much remains – at least too little for a driver’s license. However, driving credit is a way out. It is so called because the loan amount is repaid over the duration in constant tranches.

Some driving schools also act as a credit broker. The minimum requirements for granting a loan are the age of majority and sound economic conditions. The most expensive is the driver license financing as an apprentice, if one covers the credit. Although the overdraft facility is uncomplicated and comfortable, it is very expensive in the long term, which can be saved with a loan.

The amount of the required loan depends on the driving license costs. In addition to the expenses for driving schools and driving lessons, fees are also to be calculated – for example for the driving test. The investment costs vary from country to country, but also depend on the school and personal learning speed. Driving license financing as an apprentice should not be too narrow, otherwise the project will be missed due to financial constraints.

The installment loan volume of USD 2,000 at 6 percentage points effective interest rate corresponds to a monthly installment of USD 88.50 for a 24-month and USD 60.70 for a 36-month contract period – amounts that are already reflected in the tight apprentice budget but are also sustainable. This is particularly the case if continuation of employment is ensured after the end of vocational training or if, as a competitor or guarantor, a parent or grandparent joins the loan agreement.

Driving license financing as an apprentice is then nothing in the way.

Driver’s license financing


The principle is quite simple: Apply today for a loan application in which you enter the desired loan amount and the purpose of use. After you have logged in and entered some personal information, only a few steps are needed until you have your loan approval. You can choose between 1,000 and 50,000 USD as a loan amount – the terms can be between 12 and 60 months.

In the individual object description, a place is offered here to convince private investors of a financing request. Only with the payment incurred charges – in this case, a one-time fee of 2.9% is withheld by the borrower.